Recharge your Forfait Online

Compra tu Forfait online



The online forfait is convenient and easy to use. Once you have completed the reservation of your apartment ask us for your code so that you can recharge it yourself. You must inform us as soon as you have your reservation so that we'll make sure we have it ready for you at the apartment on your arrival day.

The forfait will be valid for the whole season and if you keep it safely you'll be able to recharge it every time you visit Baqueira.

It is very easy to do it: you must go to the website through the link below, enter the forfait number we'll give you and choose the dates, minimum 2 consecutive days. If you wish you can also book the insurance online too.

The forfait rates and the use and cancellation policy are those established by Baqueira Beret ski resort, and you can find the information on its webpage,

If you want to recharge several forfaits, you should enter all the codes we'll give you by using the + sign and then click the recharge tab, this way you won't have to recharge and pay one-by-one.

Click here to recharge your forfait online.