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When we think of the Aran Valley, we picture it as a tourist resort full of activity, a place where we can for example, do rafting, cycling, trekking along some breathtaking routes, skiing... However, in this post we will show you that it is also possible to relax and simply enjoy the wonderful natural surroundings, a true luxury. If you really want to relax in a totally uncontaminated environment and enjoy the best landscapes we suggest you visit the Aran Valley, you won't regret it!

For those of you who want to relax, we recommend three wonderful Spas, perfect for relaxation and to enjoy the magic of the Aran Valley.


This Spa is situated in Camino de la Lana, in the village of Les, in the Aran Valley, Lleida. It is the ideal place for you to relax but also we recommend it to all those who suffer from rheumatism, arthrosis, skin problems, circulatory and respiratory systems.

It is a thermal spa built around the sulphurous water which springs from the land surrounding the centre, at a temperature of 30° and with a flow of 16000 litres/hour from a depth of 300 metres. It is rich in silica and with dissolving sulfhydric gas giving it its unique odour.


If what you're looking for is a more intimate place, then we recommend this Spa. It is the smallest Spa in Spain.
In order to get to it you must take a private road as you come out of Salardú. Its waters come from the highest part of the Aran Valley. This is the highest Spa in the whole of Spain (1723 mestres).

There are 9 rooms with en-suite bathroom, thermal water in each room, restaurant, cafeteria, outdoors thermal pool, bar by the pool and ski, snowshoes and snowmobiles rental. Besides, there is an area with cubicles with whirlpool baths, pressurized water stream showers and massage services.


This Spa is outside the Aran Valley. It is located in Luchon, in France, just 40 kilometres away from Vielha. Luchon, “The queen of the Pyrenees” as it's known, is the oldest spa city in the Pyrenees.

As it happens in Baronia, this Spa is dedicated to the caring of health matters as much as to the relaxation. You will manage to find the balance between soul and body and will come out as a new person.