Snowy Day

planes para un Dia de nevada Baqueira Beret


Baqueira-Beret is one of the most important winter sports centres in the Pyrenees and the best ski resort in Spain without doubt. However, as in any other ski resort, when the weather is unfavourable, it is possible sometimes to go through 2-3 days of heavy snowfalls or wind storms. Then it is impossible to ski and the resort is closed.
For those days, also part of our holidays, Baqueira offers alternative full of fun activities. We would like to suggest here some options for you to take into account.

A very attractive option is to make the most of the bad weather to relax your body so that you can recover all your energy in the Banhs de Tredós Spa. It is located at 1800 metres above sea level, just 15 minutes away from Baqueira, in a natural environment like no other. It is possible to enjoy a natural thermal water bath, follow one of the outdoor or indoor thermal circuits or even have a special treatment like mud therapy.
If you cannot get to this wonderful place due to severe weather conditions, you can always enjoy one of the less spiritual but still convenient pleasant Spas found at any of the hotels in Baqueira; for example, the Spa at Hotel Meliá Royal Tanau, situated next to the apartments by the slopes.

Another good option for a day when it's not possible to ski is to go out on an excursion with snowshoes. There are half-day excursions during which you will visit on snowshoes some unexplored valleys and amazing places, always accompanied by an expert mountain guide.

The ice-skating rink at Vielha (Palai de Geu) is also a great place where adults as well as children will be able to have a wonderful time skating or enjoying any of the other activities offered, from playing paddle to having a sauna.

Perhaps it is also the perfect time to go shopping around Baqueira and Vielha and visit some specialized fashion shops or ski equipment stores like Freemountain, Copos, Cuylas, Matador, Burton, Procenter or Calafate Ski Center.

From the cultural point of view, we suggest visiting some of the Romanesque style churches found around the Valley, authentic relics from the Middle Ages Pyrenean architecture. They are very valuable from an artistic and historical point of view. You may follow the well known Romanesque Route which will take you to visit the churches of Santa María de Cap d’Aran (Tredos), Sant Andreu de Salardú, Santa Eulalia de Unha, Santa Maria de Arties, San Pedro de Escunhau, San Miguel de Vielha and San Félix de Vilac.
There are also several museums which can be visited, like the Musèu dera Nheu (Unha), with an especially original permanent exhibition presenting the snow from different points of view: cientific, ethnographic and sport.

Another excellent option is to discover and enjoy typical Aranese gastronomy. The Aran Valley is highly regarded for its delicious cuisine based on local products, with a little French cuisine influence too, as it is so close to the border. Some typical dishes are soups, stews, trout with fine herbs and the traditional Aranese Pot, cooked totally with regional products.

We especially recommed to enjoy this luxury available to all visitors at any of the brilliant restaurants in Baqueira. There is detailed information in the “Restaurants” section of our Blog.
For those more in search of a lively atmosphere who prefer nibbling at the same time as they get to taste different foods, we recommend to go out for pinchos (tapas). We suugest Eth Paer, Eth Cornèr, Eth Basteret, La fonda de Pep, Don Vielhito or Urtau.

Don't forget this useful information when you rent your apartment in Baqueira, this way you will always know how to have a good time even if the weather is not very good.