Museum of the Val D'Aran in Vielha, Tor deth Generau Martinhon.

The Museum is located in Vielha, in a 17th Century manor house and its tower. It is considered the main museum in the area where you can find information about all the others. Its permanent exhibition presents the history of the Valley, from prehistoric times to the present day, as well as an ecclectic collection of archaeological, artistic and ethnographic exhibits.


Muséu dera Val D'Aran
Carrer Major, 26 Vielha
Tel. 973 641 815


Church of Sant Joan d'Arties

This beautiful gothic style church from the 13th Century houses temporary exhibitions every once in a while. Please, ask at the main museum in Vielha for current and upcoming exhibitions.

Carretera de Baqueira, s/n Arties
Tel: 973 641 815


Ecomuséu çó de Joanchiquet in Vilamós

Joanchiquet stands for the traditional Aranese architecture which includes a house, vegetable garden, orchard and livestock shelter as it used to be in the olden days. Step inside the restored and well preserved property and you will find yourself taken back into the late 19th century and experience its daily routine through the display of numerous utensils and tools.


Vilamós, LLeida


Muséu dera Nhéu in Unha

A museum dedicated to the area's main focal point: snow. The adequate museum for this region, with lots of interesting facts about snow and the history of winter sports in the Aranese Valley are displayed.


Calle Santa Eulalia, 17 – 19 in Unha


Eth Corau Museum in Bagergue

This is a unique museum with an exhibition of tools and utensils that display its culture, tradition, work, arts and crafts.

You will see more than 2500 ancient pieces with a great cultural and historical value to the Aranese Valley.


25598 Bagergue

Naut Aran

Telf. +34 973 645 410


PyrenMuseu, Salardú

Discover the Pyrenees history in this elaborate Museum. To understand all the information given you will receive a brochure (in English) upon entry and in case you should get chilly from hearing and seeing so much about the snowy mountains, you are invited to a tasting of the typical Vin Cau (hot red wine) in the Museum Bar. Both are included in the admission fee.


Plaça Major/ C-28, km 33

25598 Salardú