Cultural program

Cultural program, Aran Valley


Many celebrations have their origin in the annual cycle of seasons, and the end of the winter has always been a very special event highly celebrated as it brought the end of the cold weather. The arrival of the Spring for example, with a happy and optimistic view of the world, comes together with lots of fiestas all around the Pyrenees, the Magrás Fiestas, or the Carnival celebrations. Then, at Easter time, we find very attractive celebrations in Bossòst, and during the Spring and in the Summer, each village celebrates its own Fiestas and Romería, like in Montgarri, Era Artiga de Lin or that at the Hermitage of Santa Quiteria de Vielha.

In May, a popular celebration is that of Sant Pònç and the main event during the celebrations is the cakes, liquors and jams competition.
The burning of Haro (in Les) or Taro (in Arties) during the San Juan Fiestas are also very popular. Another big celebration during the month of June is that of Escunhau, on June 29th, just after the fire celebration.
The Big Fiestas of Sant Fèlix in Vilac take place during the first week in August while in Vielha the Big Fiestas are celebrated between 7th and 11th of September.

The Aran Valley also organises a great deal of activities all around the various villages during the Christmas holidays, both for adults as well as for the little ones. For example, the Val d'Aran Music School prepares the Christmas Concert where the students are the stars. There is the Childrens Christmas Park, ice-skating demonstrations, exhibitions and crafts fairs, etc.