Other activities

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Rafting, climbing, horse riding... These are just a few of the possibilities on offer in the Aran Valley.

Apart from the Valley's Horse Riding School, located in Vielha, there are several routes and wonderful spots where you can go for a ride. There are mainly two routes with two different levels of difficulty: one from Vielha to Montgarri and another one from Vielha to Renclusa (at the Aneto's foothill)

At the moment, rafting is the star activity. It consists of going down the river in big rubber boats for 6-8 people. It is possible to do it at any time of the year, but it is in the spring, during the thaw, when it becomes an amazing experience because of the rapides and the slides.

Fishing is one of the oldest activities that one can practise in the Aran Valley and nowadays, it is very popular among thousands of visitors. In the old times, and thanks to the great amount of fish found in the rivers, reservoirs and lakes, it helped the inhabitants to have a healthy and balanced diet. Trout was the main species. Nowadays however, it is strictly controlled and regulated to ensure the fauna sustainability and so it doesn't become overcrowded.

Archery, is a precision sport suitable for people of almost all ages. Even though is static, it is very complete as it exercises muscles, develops reflexes and vision as well as helping to correct certain vertebra column injuries.

Whitewater canoeing, climbing or hidro-speed (going down the Garona River with a wetsuit, fins and a water sledge) are other possibilities on offer in the area.