MTB and bicycle touring

MTB and bicycle touring, Aran Valley


The Aran Valley can be considered as a privileged place for all cycling lovers, both for MTB users as much as for cycle tourism followers. There are plenty of flat, ascent and winding tracks.
The MTB routes offer the possibility to go through various paths, streams and wonderful landscapes in the area. All of them have been designed to be followed without any difficulty. The MTB lover will be able to choose among easy routes, of medium difficulty, difficult, long routes and descents.

There is an MTB Centre in the Valley where they'll be able to show you all the various authorised routes along 400 km. There is even a public transport network or transfers that will take you or pick you up from any of the routes.


Cycle tourism, i.e. riding a bike on the tarmac, is also a good option around the Aran Valley. There are signposted and not signposted passes and even a thematic route called Le Défi Occitan, which goes all around Occitania along 197 km.