Romanesque art in Val d´Aran

Romanesque Art, Aran Valley


The Aran Valley has an important artistic and monumental heritage. As one of the most appreciated treasures in the Pyrenees, this area offers a significant legacy, above all in parish churches all over the small villages in the Valley.
Several Romanesque churches, most of them having the typical bell tower which makes them so easily found, form a sample of ecclasiastical architecture built in some cases more than ten centuries ago. This group has incorporated through the years important Gothic and Renaissance features.

A strong realization of the value of these buildings as cultural, architectural and artistic heritage, has made possible the creation of a serious conservation and recovery programme.

Bossòst: Era Mar de Diu dera Purificacion.
Salardú: Sant Andrèu.
Arties: Santa María.
Betlan: Sant Pèir.
Montcorbau: Sant Estèue.
Les: Sant Blai.
Casau: Sant Andrèu.
Betren: Sant Estèue.
Vilamòs: Santa María.
Escunhau: Sant Pèir.
Tredòs: Santa María de Cap d\\\'Aran.
Vielha: Sant Miquèu.
Unha: Santa Eulària.
Vilac: Sant Fèlix.