Mountains of Val d´Aran

Mountains of Val d´Aran


The Aran Valley offers several and interesting ascents, all of them of a high level of difficulty. Montarto is probably the most well known mountain in the Valley. It is 2833 metres high and it can be considered as the perfect viewpoint in the area. It is located at the northenmost point of the National Park of Aigüestortes, on the southern region of the Aran Valley.

The hard ascent to the Gran Tuc de Colomers (2933m) allows the climber to enjoy the most concentrated lakes area in Europe. It is easy to find snow up here at any time of the year. The indicated route goes through the National Park of Aigüestortes and the Lake San Mauricio.

At the entrance to the Viella tunnel, next to the refuge Espitau de Viella, we find another scent, that of Puerto de Viella (2442m). Along the route we can find some old bunkers from the Civil War. It is also a great opportunity to discover the original routes, before the tunnel was built

In order to go up Tuc de Mauberne, which is 2880m high, we follow the Unhòla River. It has a beautiful red colour due to the great amount of minerals found around this area. To get to the top you must pass by the Lake Montoliu and from there you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Lake Liat and France.

In the very centre of the Aran Valley we find Montcorbison (2174m), and we get to it by crossing the overgrowth Baricauba Forest, an area full of conifers. From the top we can enjoy a wonderful view over the French side of the Pyrenees.

Finally, we can also go up Tuc dera Montjòia, which is 2167m. We get to it through the Artiga de Lin Valley and along the route we'll see the shepherds cabins. From the very top we'll have astonishing views over France.