Towns and villages in Val d´Aran

Towns and villages of Val d´Aran


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Arties: This is one of the most outstanding villages in the High Aran Valley. There are two churches, Sant Joan and Santa Maria, a picturesque urban area with some of the most remarkable renaissance houses in the Valley and some bars and restaurants with great atmosphere.

Bagergue: It is the highest populated village in the whole of the Aran Valley. It is situated at 1490 metres above sea level, in the High Aran Valley, and besides the beautiful surroundings with vertical walls it has excellent pasture land.

Baqueira: Just over 50 years ago there was only a mountain here called Baqueira and perhaps a cabin or a hut for shepherds. Nowadays, there is the resort of Baqueira 1500, the housing complex of Tanau at 1700 metres and the new residential area of Ruda, near the Garona river.

Garós: Garós is the first village you come across in the High Aran Valley and it is crossed by the popular Camin Reiau (migrating paths), one of the most interesting points in the area.


Gausac: It is situated between Casau and Vielha. It has become a much appreciated residential area due to the breathtaking views over the Vielha Pass and the tranquility you can enjoy here.

Gessa: It is one of the most picturesque villages in the whole Valley due to its streets and its high position over the road and the Garona river. It enjoys astonishing views over the forest of Mont Romies.

Salardú: In this beautiful Aranese village we find the church of San Andrèu from the 12th and 13th Centuries and that of Mòla de Salardú.

Tredós: This is the last village of what is known as the High Aran Valley, beyond which we find the urban area of Baqueira. It represents the door of one of the entrances, within the Aranese slopes, to the National Park d'Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, towards the glacial cirque of Colomèrs.

Unha: This little village close to Salardú, is one of the places that best has resisted the passing of time. Its Romanesque church dedicated to Santa Eulalia is a good example of this.

Vielha:This is the capital of the Aran Valley. The church of Sant Miquèu, the Musèu dera Val d'Aran and the Fabrica dera Lan are located here.