Local cuisine

Local cuisine


The Aranese cuisine is an important part of this area's heritage and in the last few years it has received a lot of attention from different people and associations wanting to recover old traditional recipes.

It receives direct influence from French cuisine. For example all the patés, civets and some desserts such as the “crespèths”, also called pasteres or pescajus, come clearly from France.

The Aranese cuisine also receives influence from the climate. The intense cold in the winter brings a consistent diet and has in the Aranese pot its most representative dish of them all. Some soups and stews are also very typical in this area. The most clear example is the famous “olla aranesa”.

Finally, it should also be taken into account that typical Aranese cuisine is based on products found in the area, such as sheep and cow meats used to prepare amazing stews, trout cooked in many different ways, wild mushrooms, spicy sausages or local liquors made from fruits of the forest like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries.

And we shouldn't forget either that dairy products are aslo very important in the area, like cheese production or crepes.