Food markets and country fairs

Food markets and country fairs



Aranese Pot Tasting (March, Beret): It takes place at the terrace of the Cafeteria Beret and those retaurants participating prepare this typical Aranese dish. Once the demonstration is over, all those attending can taste the different pots. On the day, there is also an exhibition of local products from the Aran Valley.

“Hèt a man hèt aciu” Festival (August, Viella): It is a homemade products fair where we may find cheese producers, pastry chefs o ceramicists. It also offers the opportunity to participate in various workshops.

Duck Gastronomic Exhibition: The best restaurateurs in the Aran Valley get together during some weekends in autumn in order to offer their clients different dishes with duck as the main ingredient.

Game Gastronomic Festival (November): Several restaurants in the Aran Valley offer different menus prepared with typical game dishes in order to show visitors the culinary side of hunting.

Era Mongetada (November, Garós): Fun and gastronomic activities all around the Aran Valley bean.