Elaborated products

elaborated products typical Aranese


Among all the products elaborated within the Aran Valley we find three different groups:

1) Elaborated products coming from pork and game:
Cooked meats elaborated from wild boar and deer
Chorizo (spicy sausage)
Longaniza sausage
Secallona (a type of dried longaniza sausage)
Bolh (a Catalan sausage made from the animal's tong)
White butifarra
Black butifarra
Anditos (typical white butifarra from the Low Aran Valley)
Cueta (typical white butifarra from the Middle and Naut Aran Valleys)

2) Elaborated products coming from fruits of the forest:
Aigua de Nodes
Blueberries Liquor

3) Dairy Products:
Cheeses elaborated mainly with raw milk from cows, sheep and goats with natural curdling or mixed. Some examples: eth petit, eth blu de bagergue, eth vaquèr d'Aran, eth lenguat, goat's carrat and garrotxa goat's cheese.