Cooked meats and patés

Aranese gastronomy, cooked meats and patés


There are endless types and depending on what you like, you cannot leave the Aran Valley without having tried the most traditional examples and, why not, also the most trendsetting ones.
Among the longaniza and fresh sausages it is worth mentioning the white longaniza, the black longaniza, the egg longaniza or the one made with animal's tong. And among the latest recipes, we should mention the fresh longaniza with escalivada or the one elaborated with ceps mushrooms and nuts.
Among the dry sausages are well known the secallona, the Aranese style chorizo, xolis, somaya, Aranes peasant's longaniza or the mountain style salchichón (salami style sausage).

Among the cooked meats, the star product is without doubt the paté. It is said that each family in the Aran Valley has its own recipe and the paté makes them different from each other, as it happens with the mulled wine. The most typical paté is made from pork's liver and black or green pepper, although in the last few years other ingredients have been added like ceps or boletus mushrooms. There are also patés made from deer and wild boar.