Civet de Senglar

Aranese recipe civet de senglar



3-4 Kg wild boar meat
Red wine
2-3 garlic bulbs
“Semolets” (a kind of onion)
A piece of black chocolate
A bit of thyme, bay and parsley
A pinch of mojardón (type of mushroom), not a lot because it's very strong

We should use a clay pot as it gives it a better taste than with the stainless steel pot. We put half amount of wine and half amount of water (1 litre of each, for example) but beforehand we should fry a little the wild boar meat, not too much because it goes too hard or dry otherwise. Once fried, we put the meat, the garlic bulbs, the carrots, the “semolets” and the herbs inside the pot and leave it marineting for a couple of days. After the two days we add the grated chocolate and bring it to boil. Once it starts boiling we cover it with a brown paper cover and a plate on top. We leave it cooking for 7-8 hours (minimum 4 hours!). We shouldn't add salt until the very end. The amount of time cooking it will depend on how we like the meat, more or less tender. It should be served in a clay pot.
Some people add a bit of sugar.