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El jardi dels pomers

El jardi dels pomers


This small and cosy restaurant with just 6 tables, is situated in Bagergue, one of the highest villages in the Aran Valley (1419 metres above sea level).

El Jardi dels Pomers is located in the Plaza Planhera, opposite a 13th century Romanesque church (San Felix). During the summer months it offers one of its main points of attraction, a wonderful garden that allows its clients to eat outside, in the shade of the apple trees. It can be considered a luxury only accessible to a few privileged people.

It has capacity for just about 25 people and its decoration can be considered pure art due to the tasteful details all around. It has some wonderful relics like those found in the shed for the ski equipment. There are some bird nests hanging from the apple trees and these together with other little details will help you forget the stress from the city and will bring you peace and harmony.

They serve simple but good quality cuisine, typical Aranese, French and Mediterranean dishes where the raw material is outstanding.

The service is excellent and they'll make you feel comfortable and at ease very quickly.


In relation to the dishes offered in the menu, we highly recommend the deer carpaccio with duck foie-gras and the deer civet. While in the summer, the garden salads or the cold carrot soup with prawns are very appropriate for the warm weather brought to this admired village of Bagergue.

Finally, we would advise you to try the Elsa apple cake, prepared with tender loving care.

El Jardi dels Pomers is a very affordable restaurant, cheap even if we compare it to the average restaurant in the Aran Valley. You can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner for just about 30€, or 28€ if you choose the gorgeous Aranese menu. And everything accompanied by an excellent service which will make you feel like a special client, with all those little details that only regular clients enjoy.

In other words, it is a small, cosy restaurant with attention to detail and good quality cuisine at affordable prices, which in the summertime has the additional advantage of enjoying a wonderful garden with apple trees.