cuisine: Typical Aranese cuisine rates: €€€

Casa Irene

Casa Irene


It is considered by many as the best restaurant in the whole of the Aran Valley.

Casa Irene is situated at the entrance of Artíes, one of the most beautiful villages in the area and a highly recommended place if you are planning a ski holiday in Baqueira Beret. There is also a hotel and a SPA, so it turns out to be a very complete option. The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional dishes from the region, although prepared in a very particular way.

Casa Irene hasn't got a very large menu, about ten starters and around 15 main courses. However, every single dish looks amazing and as you read the menu you feel like trying them all. For those of you who go for the first time and want to have a good idea of their cuisine, we would recommend trying one of their tasting menus for about 55€-65€ per person, coffee, dessert and wine included.

Reserving is a must and we recommend to do it in advance.